Find your Purpose. Find your Passion. Find your Bedrock.

What is your Bedrock? What are the fundamental principles that drive you? The '7 Bedrock Principles' is your guide to finding your Bedrock and taking your personal and professional performance to the next level.

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Become Aware

Understand the reasons why you make the choices you make, only then will you be able to excel in your business, team, and personal life.

Be an Owner

Become accountable for your actions, acknowledge your mistakes and set a clear path to growth and improvement.

Find your Passion

Focus on what inspires you and become resilient to demanding situations. Improve your response under stress and pressure to embrace the diamond that you are.

Meet Lara

For 20 years, I have been a leader of results and transformation across business, people and revenue. I have helped organizations uncover revenue potential by as much as 75% within the first six months. As a professional and parent, I understand that sharing a vision that others can grab onto and own is the key to success.

Meet Oren

Applying his strong technology background, business acumen, and enterprise sales experience, Oren spent the last 15 years working with and leading businesses in hyper- growth. Oren co-founded Bedrock with a passion to serve others, to guide and mentor high performance individuals and companies to not only achieve success but more importantly attain fulfillment.

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Become an owner instead of being owned

Our 7 Bedrock Principles will enhance your professional and personal performance