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Feel Twice as Happy and Get Half as Angry


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The Course

Layer 1 - Desires & Cravings | Layer 2 – Thoughts
Layer 3 – Emotions | Layer 4 – Insights and Intuition

4 Levels to Master your Feelings and Emotions

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others. This skill is foundational in high performance, in both our personal and business lives.  All action and influence stems from our emotions.

This course is designed to develop your emotional intelligence. We will explore our emotions and examine how and why we think and feel the way we do and how these thoughts and feelings drive us to be the person we are today. More so, we’ll look at how we can manage our emotions and use them to propel us to be the person that we want to be.


Emotional Awareness

Develop awareness and understanding of your emotions and where they come from

Emotional Liberation

Understand where doubt and negative self talk originate and what to do about it

Pursuing Happiness

How can we create more happiness and less suffering in our personal and professional lives

What We Cover

This course will cover the 4 steps to mastering your emotions, broken down as follows:

Layer 1 – Desires & Cravings

Layer 2 – Thoughts

Layer 3 – Emotions

Layer 4 – Insights and Intuition

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Your Program Outline

Everything you'll learn in Emotional Mastery

1. Welcome to Emotional Mastery 00:01:52
2. Layer 1 - Desire and Cravings 00:25:38
3. Layer 2 - Thoughts 00:24:08
4. Layer 3 - Emotion Pt. 1 00:45:12
5. Layer 3 - Emotions Pt. 2 00:09:46
6. Layer 3 - Emotions Pt. 3 00:35:21
7. Layer 4 – Insights & Intuitions 00:20:34

Layer 1 - Desires & Cravings

Understanding myself has been fundamental to my success as a leader, strategist, high stakes negotiator, husband and father.

“Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.  And the sad thing is it all starts with the positive intention of our brain trying to protect us.” – Yoda + Our Own Addition.

As Yoda’s quote, with our addition, so succinctly states, at our core we have a primitive instinct to protect ourselves. Protect not only our physical being, but also our psychological being a.k.a our ego.

Unfortunately, our primitive self seeks to protect us with desires, emotions, and other messages, which often hurt rather than help us.

Digging in and understanding the different levels of your psyche begins with this first layer of the Fire of Desire.

Layer 2 - Thoughts

Terra Forma. Have you ever had the feeling that your head is trapped in the middle of one of those cymbal-banging monkey toys, with random thoughts popping in and out of your head with each clang of the cymbal?

There is good reason for this and this module will dig deep and help you understand the why.

This module has been put together to bring awareness to our thoughts and why we think the way we do. Once we understand our different levels of thinking and become aware of the reasons behind these thoughts, we can master our thinking.

Essentially our brains are probably the best thought generators on the planet, but if left unfettered, they will generate completely random thoughts with a 66% tendency to the negative. It’s like a chariot drawn by six horses with each horse pulling in a different direction and four of the six trying to escape an imaginary saber-tooth tiger.

Layer 3 - Emotions

“Where thought is the chatter of the conscious mind, emotion is the language of the subconscious.” – Oren Rosen

Ocean Of Emotion. I’ve lived most of my life as a mouse and not a lion because I was afraid. Afraid that the true me was not good enough and I would not be accepted or loved. I now understand with perfect clarity that these feelings are not only normal but universal, in that everyone experiences them at some level.

Understanding this principle is in itself incredibly powerful and liberating. Conquering these feelings and not letting the emotions they generate drive you is how you let the lion free, and how you can learn to be you. After all, you are the best person in the world to be you, so why not do it with 150% passion?

Layer 4 – Insights & Intuition 

The Soul-O-Sphere. Life is like a downward escalator you are walking up. Either you walk and go up or you stand still and go down. In life, either you are growing or you are dying.

Unfortunately growth alone does not guarantee happiness, and in fact as Viktor Frankl so elegantly says it, “It is the pursuit of happiness that thwarts happiness”.

So if chasing happiness does not lead to happiness, what the h*ll are we here for?

Keep digging and you will find out.

In this layer, you will learn what some of the best research and the best minds in the world have discovered, that true happiness comes from giving.

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Access the Master Your Emotions course from all your devices, watching it on your laptop or on your phone on the go! Ask Oren questions in our interactive comments section.

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