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Learn from the best with Bedrock Affect leaders, a team made up of seasoned business professionals. Founded by Oren Rosen who started, aggressively scaled and exited his own software company and Lara Dodo who has over 20 years of leadership experience, working with Fortune 500/1000 companies.

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Start-Up Hack #1
Choosing The Right Mentor

There are many advantages to mentorship. Looking for someone who has successfully done or accomplished what you seek to do can save you time, mistakes, and resources. Why reinvent the wheel? 

Find someone who emulates the success you're looking and/or in the field you're looking to excel in. Always ensure that their motives are altruistic and their interests are aligned with yours. A true mentor should help you find the answer to your problems, not solve them for you. 

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Start-Up Hacks For Your Big Idea 

Bedrock Affect has been helping start-ups just like yours define their brand, raise millions in funding and grow their business.

We've opened up the playbook and now it's your turn to tap into years of experience in sales, marketing, strategy and growth and use it to help bring your next big idea to life! 


Learn How To Build Your Business, On The Go

Access the Start-Up Hacks course from all your devices, watching it on your laptop or on your phone on the go! Ask the Bedrock team questions in our interactive comments section. 


Your Program Outline

Everything you'll learn in Start-Up Hacks

1. Prioritizing Problems 00:09:39
2. Common Mistake Pt. 1 00:04:13
3. Choosing the Right Mentor 00:09:34
4. Should I Stay or Should I Go 00:11:54
5. Common Mistake Pt. 2 00:04:53
6. Digging In 00:03:55
7. Sales for the Non-Seller 00:10:53
8. 10x for the Intrapreneur 00:11:35
9. Safe to Risk Environment - Leader Edition 00:06:06
10. Rapid Growth 00:06:23
11. Safe to Risk Environment - Employee Edition 00:09:24
12. The 10x Principle 00:05:07
13. Safe to Risk Environment 00:06:56
14. Falling as an Advanced Skill 00:09:56
15. Delegate or Abdicate 00:11:53
16. Imposter Syndrome 00:11:24
17. The Art of High Performance 00:07:46
18. Broken Tile Syndrome 00:06:12

Learn How To Build Your Business, On The Go

Access the Start-Up Hacks course from all your devices, watching it on your laptop or on your phone on the go! Ask the Bedrock team questions in our interactive comments section.

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