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Start building a team environment that fosters results with the Be-It Series: Team Affect course. Designed to deliver relevant content and make it happen!


Why is this course right for you?


The Be-It Series: Team Affect Course

 "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." — Lao-Tzu, Chinese philosopher 


We want to help you take that first step and start building the team environment that fosters results. The Be-It Series: Team Affect course is designed to deliver relevant content with a frame work of accountability and a "Get It Done" mentality.  

You might be surprised to learn that team results are more about your communication authenticity and vision than tactical skill. 

Teams who are not aligned with  a business vision are not set up for success. As a leader your ability to be courageous in understanding your own motivations and desires, impacts how you connect with your team. Top performance is achieved when teams buy into their leaders vision. 

The Team Affect course is broken down into three sections:

Basics - let’s dig in

Activity - virtual workshop

Commitments - ensuring we do what we say we will

Each section will help you navigate how to identify your vision, frame your vision for your team and create practical plans on how to achieve your vision. These plans will provide structure for performance and encourage your team to become owners of the vision. This will be the driver of your teams’ success.


Benefits of the Team Affect Course

Find your Bedrock

This course will help you identify your core values and help you align them with your team's vision and goals

Share your vision

We will provide you with activities to help you communicate your vision effectively with your team

Commit to your vision

Commitment is key to driving results, we will provide you with techniques to keep everyone committed to the vision

Access Be-It from Anywhere

Access the Team Affect course from all your devices, watching it on your laptop or on your phone on the go! Ask Lara questions in our interactive comments section.

Your Program Outline

Everything you'll learn in Team Affect

1. Welcome to Team Affect 00:01:05
2. Lesson 1.1 - Basics: Let's Dig In 00:06:11
3. Lesson 1.2 - Basics: Vision 00:20:24
4. Lesson 1.3 - Basics: Leaders Own It 00:13:50
5. Lesson 1.4 - Basics: Planning 00:06:41
6. Lesson 1.5 - Basics: Leaders Do IT 00:12:10
7. Lesson 1.6 - Basics: Summary 00:08:22
8. Lesson 2.1 - Virtual Workshop: Overview 00:03:41
9. Lesson 2.2 - Virtual Workshop: Getting Active 00:11:27
10. Lesson 3 - Commitment 00:12:57

Section 1: The Basics – Let’s dig in

“The only easy day was yesterday”, —Navy Seals

Business guarantees difficulties as does life. Having courage to push harder and go further is often what separates those that succeed versus those that quit. What is your Bedrock?

This section will help you answer that question. We will provide you with tips and techniques to dig deeper and to understand what your core values are.  When your Bedrock is aligned with your vision and your vision is shared with your key partners, high performance will be fostered. Rapid results will follow.


Section 2: Activity - Virtual workshop

"You are not here to survive this, you are here to take charge of it”  —Navy Seals

 Practical discussion and brain storming sessions are a critical step to the foundation of a team’s success. Teams need to understand the key message and vision that they are going to be responsible to execute. 

This group activity will identify any gaps in understanding the key message and vision and allow for alignment. This activity will also promote excitement and a sense ownership - being part of something bigger. Let's get it done!


Section 3: Commitment - Ensuring we do what we say we will

“You only have three choices in life; give up, give in or give it all you’ve got” —Navy Seals

Without communicating our goals they can often remain dreams. The final portion of our course examines the need to commit and explains why applying commitment principles are vitally important to the success of any vision. 

This section will teach you how to set time-bound goals with specific results. Goals are an important component to getting your team onto the path of making the vision reality.  Drive results!

Access Be-It from Anywhere

Access the Team Affect course from all your devices, watching it on your laptop or on your phone on the go! Ask Lara questions in our interactive comments section.

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